About Us

About Us

Ajaz Haq - Founder

I have travelled the world on business. I am passionate about food, and I always found many problems with the quality of food, water and drinks on my travels. Then I became diabetic and found  that it was a very difficult life style change, because most of the food items are processed and full of sugars, chemicals and are bad for the body. However, I also discovered that I was not alone and that many people were suffering in the same way. I therefore decided to launch Zaynabs as a small business, to bring together all our friends, families and the rest of the human family together. We are a ethical family business and we want to sell only pure natural organic foods and gifts items.

Why do we sell the items we sell?
We want people to enjoy healthy, natural, raw and Organic food and see for themselves the long term benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We want to them to find a delicious and healthy alternative from commercial products that are sourced using chemical processes. The Prophets Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad (Peace and blessings be on them all) ate honey, dates, barley, Figs, and all other natural foods that were available to them.

Where are we located?
We are located in Manchester. Currently, we are only selling online. However, we are looking for premises to expand our range of exclusive products and for customers to come and visit and taste our products.

How long have we been in business?
This is a new business we have been in business all our life sourcing and selling other products, these products are my passion.

Who is in our team?
We are a family team; the only person who is missing is our lovely Zaynab. She lives in the lands of honey and milk.