Wholesome Organic Goodness

If you’re looking for a wholesome sweet treat that’s full of organic goodness, our gourmet chocolate-dipped dates, handcrafted exclusively by Slattery, will definitely hit the spot. Because what’s Iftari without dates?

A naturally sweet superfood, packed with antioxidants and high in fibre, our energy-rich dates are sure to satisfy your sugar cravings and are perfect for breaking your fast. At Zaynabs we like to keep things simple so there are very few ingredients in our products – just succulent dates, high-quality chocolate and roasted nuts. Forget processed foods, our dates are rich in vitamins and minerals and packed with sun-ripened protein. No refined nasties, just great-tasting natural goodness. And what’s more, dates are an easy way to fulfil your five-a-day. Just three dates are equal to one serving of fruit, so sit back and savour the blessed goodness once the sun has set.

Ethically sourced from the best organic farms in the Middle East, our dates are then dipped in the finest white, milk and dark chocolate and topped with tiny treats by award-winning Manchester pâtissier and chocolatier, Slattery.

Bespoke Gifts

We also offer bespoke, luxury Sunnah gift boxes and hampers, tailored to your specific tastes. Whether it’s a corporate gift, a present for friends or an offering for a special celebration, simply tell us what you’d like and leave the rest to us. We’ll create something special and memorable that’s sure to impress.

Delicious Chocolate-dipped Dates Delivered Direct to your Doorstep