Belgium Chocolate dipped dates in Milk , Dark and white with assorted toppings .


Zaynabs offers the perfect treat in shape of Assorted Milk Chocolates with Different Toppings so that you can enjoy the unique flavors. They’re exotic edibles, high in antioxidants which are good for the immunity of the body. The flavors of the chocolates are handmade with love and care. These chocolates can be eaten with warm milk or warm water. The package may show a strawberry flavor, but these are canceled and not available to customers anymore. Apart from that, if the website shows the products to be in stock, then they will be delivered in about 48 hours. If not, then it may take longer and you may have to put in a special order to receive the desired items. The price of the chocolates is about 13 pounds, if in stock.

These are mads to order - Delivery for Eid.

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